How to send a test email from an email campaign?

When you are done with your email content in a new email campaign, it is recommended that you send a test email to yourself to view the email preview, to ensure that everything looks fine in your email. 

  1. Log into your SalesHandy account and navigate to the Email campaign Tab.
  2. Click the New Campaign button to open up the email campaign draft.
  3. Upload the CSV file of your recipients and select the accounts you want to send. (Verifying the list is recommended)

    Note: Your CSV file must contain a column named Email/Email Address.

  4. Compose your email and define the subject line (You can use merge tags to personalize your emails).
  5. Click on the Send Test Mail button to receive the preview of the draft email. Please refer to the following clip for instructions:

if you have any further queries about how our email campaign feature works, please click here to learn more about it.

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