Why should I verify my email list before sending an email campaign?

Collecting email addresses or buying the contact lists is a routine part of any online email marketer's job, but how could you know if they are valid email addresses for your campaign? 

It comes out many times, the email address being fake or expired. At these times, email verification comes to rescue. 

Email verification keeps your campaign list free of typos, invalid, temporary, fictitious and misconfigured emails. 

Using an unverified list increases the chances of your emails getting sent to the Spam folders of your recipients. It may also get rejected due to a poor quality email list. This will decrease your productivity and domain reputation.

Deliverability of your emails depends on your Sender score

Your Sender Reputation Score highly impacts your email deliverability. A higher score gives a better placement and a lower score pulls your email to the recipient's Spam or junk folder. 

Let's Check how to improve the Email Sender Score.

  • Drop the Hard Bounce emails:

A Hard Bounce is one of the main reasons for dropping your sender score. Hard bounces mostly occur when the email address is invalid or expired.

It's always recommended to clean your campaign lists quarterly and filter out all the invalid/expired addresses before starting a new campaign. Additionally, we would suggest you verify each freshly collected email addresses for checking typos and authenticity for decreasing the chances of Hard Bounce.

  • Reduce your Spam Flagging rate:

Obviously, a sender wants his spam flagging rate to be less than 0.1% (for every 5000 emails send, a sender should have less than 5 spam complaint against his account). Hence, you must send quality email content to engage users.

Verifying the email reduces the chances of getting flagged. 

  • Maintain campaign list's health using email verification:

The best way to filter out all the invalid/ expired email address is by getting your list verified at the time of submission. Don’t allow any typos or invalid contact data to stay inside your list and harm your campaign. Verify your contact leads at the initial stage to keep spammy bots and fraudsters away from invading your mailing list. Moreover, clean your entire list every quarter to block all expired email addresses.

On verifying your list, you get productivity in the following forms:

  • Increased Delivery Rate (or Bounce Rate)
  • Higher Open Rate
  • Growth in Click-Through Rate
  • Improved Reply Rate
  • Better Conversion Rate

In simple words:
Email verification is a much-needed process for every growth-seeking email marketer — it saves your money, builds your reputation and saves your time. It worths every single penny spent!

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