How to insert image in email campaign, email template or email body?

We can insert an image to mail merge campaign, template or in an email signature. We need a direct link to the image.

If we don't have an image link to the file, then we can get it from Postimage. So let's check the stepwise process below to an image through Postimage link.

Step 1: Upload the image on Postimage by clicking Choose images.

Step 2: Copy the direct link

Step 3: After copying the direct link, go to SalesHandy web-app >> Email campaign, Templates or Emails (wherever you wish to upload the image)

Step 4: Now, click on the Insert image button in the editor. 

Step 5: Insert the copied direct link in the Source option.

Your image will be uploaded. Use the same steps to upload any image in the web-app. 

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