What is a merge tag and how to use it?

Merge tags are placeholders/variables to represent contact data that your CSV file contains for each contact. These are variables that can be created/customized to be used along with the contacts data available in imported CSV files like First Name, Last Name, Company, etc.

Merge tags that allow you to customize the emails that you send through email campaigns to keep your customers more engaged. Personalized emails can improve your email open rates by up to 26%. The merge tags are created automatically from column headers that are present in the CSV. When you use merge tags in your email campaign, each contact in the campaign receives a personalized email. 

Please watch the below video explaining how personalized emails help you make most of your emails:

Please follow the below steps to insert the merge tags in an email campaign:

  1. Log into your SalesHandy account and navigate to the Email Campaign tab.
  2. Click the New campaign button and it will open up a new campaign tab.
  3. Upload a list of recipients in a form of a CSV file by clicking Choose File button.
  4. After uploading the CSV file, you can see a set of merge tags beside the compose box. These merge tags are created according to column headers in your CSV file. For example, if you have different columns like First Name, Last Name, and Company in your CSV, you will get all those tags as a form of Merge tags.
  5. Draft your email by using the merge tags at appropriate places. You can place a merge tag anywhere in the email body or subject line by clicking on it.

Please refer to the below-attached GIF for the illustration of steps:

Click here to know how to successfully schedule an email campaign. Learn what fallback texts in merge tags are by clicking here

NOTE: Currently, merge tags are available for email campaigns only so you may not be able to use them in the templates, sequence templates, or 1:1 emails that you send using any of our plugins.

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