How to schedule an Email Campaign?

If you wish to send the same email to multiple recipients at one go, you should use our  Email Campaign feature. An Email campaign allows you to send personalized emails with automated follow-ups.
The steps to schedule an email campaign: 
  • Log into your SalesHandy account and navigate to the Email Campaign tab. 
  • Click the  New Campaign button and that will open up the new campaign page. 
  • Upload the CSV type file that contains the contacts by clicking Choose File button.
  • As soon as you upload the file, the system may ask you to whether you want to verify the list or not. This is an optional step and you can skip it by clicking the Cancel button in the pop-up if you don't wish to validate the file. You can click here to know why we ask users to verify the list.
  • Once the contacts are imported, you can scroll down a bit and draft the email to be sent to contacts.
  • You will see merge tags on the right side of the email editor. These are the column headers from the uploaded file which will act as a variable like First Name, Last Name, Company, etc. You can add them to your emails to send personalized emails to each contact. 
  • You will be able to add a follow-up stage by clicking the + icon right below the compose box. The follow-up stages can be set under any of the below mentioned 3 conditions:
1. Not Opened - You can use this condition when you want to send the follow-up email to those recipients who have not opened the previous email.
2. Not Replied - This condition will send follow-up emails to those recipients who have not replied to the previous email. This will also include the recipients who have opened the previous email but haven't replied to it. (Please note that the Not Replied condition will be unavailable if have connected your email through the SMTP method)
2. Regardless - While using this condition, the follow-up email will be sent to every contact that received the email in the previous stage irrespective of what action they took on the previous email. 
  • You're allowed to add up to 9 such follow-ups in the same email campaign. At the bottom of the page, you can choose the time zone and time to schedule this campaign.
  • You can define the interval between two emails sent in the email campaign. By default, the system keeps 60-90 seconds which means the system will pick any random interval time between 60 and 90 seconds which makes it look as the emails are sent manually. 
  • You can click the "Schedule Campaign" button at the bottom and the system starts sending the emails as per the schedule you choose.
Please refer to the below GIF for illustrations of the steps:


  • You're allowed to schedule an email campaign for any time later than 15 minutes from the current time as the system requires 15 minutes to prepare the email campaign queue. (For example, if it's 9:00 AM there, the earliest time you can schedule the campaign is 9:16 AM)
  • SalesHandy sends these emails using the email connection of your email account and therefore it uses the servers of your email provider to send these emails. You should schedule the campaign as per the sending limit allowed by your email provider. Otherwise, you may encounter multiple emails getting bounced or blocked by your email provider.
  • Our web app is best compatible with Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers and therefore users are suggested to use either of them to schedule an email campaign. Users may encounter glitches while using any other browsers to schedule email campaigns.
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