How to create a CSV file?

Here's how you create a CSV file for your email campaign:-

  1. Open MS Excel or any other Spreadsheet application (Google SpreadSheet, LibreOffice, etc.)
  2. Name the first row according to the merge tags that you are going to use in your personalized email campaign.
    Merge tags are the placeholders in an email.
    For eg - if you have a CSV of 200 people with their names and email addresses in it. You can keep the merge tag as 'Fname'. Now when you type Hey {{Fname}} in the email, it will be sent with their names in the email. You can have up to 20 merge tags with SalesHandy.
  3. Enter the data that you have in this manner.
  4. Save the file as '.CSV'.
Note: Make sure you have named the column containing the email address of the recipient as any of the below-given options: 
"Email address, Email, Emails, Email address, E-mail, Email-address"

If you want to see exactly how your CSV file should look, download the Sample CSV File.

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