I am unable to log into Outlook plugin

While using our Outlook plugin, Sometimes, users may face issues while logging into the plugin. We have explained the scenarios behind login issues along with the solution so please follow the steps as per reason. 

1) Invalid credentials: If you get an "Invalid credentials" error while logging into our Outlook plugin, it either means that you have entered an incorrect password or you don't have any password set for your SalesHandy account. Either way, you may need to generate a new password for your SalesHandy account as mentioned in this article

As soon as you generate a new password for your SalesHandy account, you can try using that password and it shall allow you to log into the plugin. 

2) Your plan does not include access to this resource: When you get this error while logging into our Outlook plugin, it means you're on the free plan of SalesHandy and our free plan doesn't include the Outlook plugin. Therefore, it's suggested to upgrade in order to keep using our Outlook plugin. 

We allow users to use all the paid feature including the outlook plugin during the 14-day free trial period after someone signs up with SalesHandy. Once the trial period expires, the account is moved to the free plan automatically and is restricted to the features available on the free plan only. 

3) Please Wait (Login window doesn't move further upon clicking Login button) OR Operation Timed Out: Sometimes, our plugin fails to send a ping to our servers from your system due to the restriction placed on that particular system. Usually, this happens when the end-user doesn't have permission to perform certain tasks. 

Our plugin needs to be re-installed with different settings in order to fix this issue so it's advisable to reach out to us and we will help you over remote session/call. 

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