How to use SalesHandy's new Outlook plugin?

SalesHandy provides an Outlook plugin to integrate your SalesHandy account with your Outlook account.

Click here to know how to download and install your SalesHandy plugin.

Follow the steps below to know how to use SalesHandy with your Outlook Account.

  • Log into your Outlook plugin using your SalesHandy account. Users can log in & add multiple SalesHandy accounts in Outlook from the SH Login >> Add New Account >> Enter your Username & Password.

  • User can set the different preference for different SalesHandy account from the SalesHandy Login >> Preferences >> Select the SalesHandy account >> Set preference >> Save.

  • When you want to send emails from the multiple SalesHandy accounts, create a new email, and you will get the drop-down option to select the SalesHandy account from which you wish to send tracked emails. Apart from that, you can set default SalesHandy account from the preferences as well.

Note: Tracked email sent entries will be displayed in particular selected SalesHandy accounts' feeds.

Based on this feature's usefulness, it can create some confusion among the users who wish to manage multiple accounts from Outlook. Here is a simple example to understand the rules. 

Say, We have set of email accounts configured in Outlook. 

Outlook Accounts (Configured accounts in outlook):
[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

Web app accounts:

User 1 : [email protected] (UA), [email protected] (EA)
User 2 : [email protected] (UA), [email protected] (EA)
User 3 : [email protected] (UA), [email protected] (EA)

UA: SalesHandy user account 
EA: Email Account connected under the SalesHandy account (Sending method).

Here are different scenarios: 

ex 1.
- User login from [email protected]. And set active SH account as [email protected], He can send email from [email protected] or [email protected]. Those mail entry only goes into [email protected] SalesHandy account.

- If a user sends an email from [email protected] which is account sending method which is connected in [email protected] as well, and the [email protected] user account also exists. In that case, which accounts users choose as active from the email compose window, email entries should be displayed in that SalesHandy account.

ex 2.
If a user sends an email from [email protected] (which is not connected in an active account) and the active SH account is [email protected] then it will give error sending method not found.

ex 3.
If the user sends mail from [email protected] and the active SH account is [email protected] then it will give error sending method not found.

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