Email tracking is not working in Outlook

If you do not receive any Email Tracking notifications or you do not see an increase in view counts in the web app, then please check below for the described reasons and solve your Email Tracking issue.

1. Email tracking issue to the specific email address.

Reason: It may be because the user might have turned off display image in his mail settings.         

To verify this issue send a test mail to your other email and open it or send mail us on for verifying open count and notification.

2. A random email tracking issue.

(Some mails are tracked and some are not)

Send us feedback. [Help]

3. None of your mail tracked and didn't get the problem solved.

Reach out to the support team they will guide and debug the issue. There are many reasons behind mail not tracked such as a conflicting add-on, email service provider, anti-virus program, the authentication token is expired, email account not connected, firewall.

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