How does unsubscribe link work in the Email Campaign?

SalesHandy allows you to add unsubscribe (opt-out) button in the emails that you send through email campaigns, so any recipient who doesn't want to receive your emails can easily opt-out from your future emails by clicking the unsubscribe button.

By default, SalesHandy adds unsubscribe footer at the bottom of your campaign emails, and that footer is visible when you draft the email of your campaign. Although it's possible to remove the unsubscribe footer from your campaign, we strongly suggest you include unsubscribe button in your emails so that uninterested recipients can opt-out from your future emails. 

It's observed that when people don't find any option to opt out, they often mark the email as spam. Therefore, not having an unsubscribe option may increase the spam complaints against your emails. The below screenshots shows pre-defined unsubscribe footers that SalesHandy adds to every email campaign. 

Below is the preview of the same email to check how it looks from the recipient's side when the email is opened. 

Whenever any recipient clicks on this "Unsubscribe here" hyperlink, that contact is automatically added to the unsubscribed list in your SalesHandy account, and the same will be reflected in the contact's status when you check that particular contact in your SalesHandy account. 

Contacts with "Unsubscribed" under status will not be receiving any further emails from your future email campaigns. You may be able to send 1:1 emails to those contacts, though.

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