What is domain block-list? How it affects the mail merge campaign?

The domain block-list is the list of domains that will be filtered from your campaigns.

For example:

If you have added "spammer.com" domain in the block list. Whenever you send an email campaign every email address that has "spammer.com" domain ([email protected] or [email protected])will be excluded from your emails.

It will affect your mail merge campaigns as follows:

Your scheduled campaigns will detect the domains and filter those recipients out.


The domain block-list will work only for the campaign (and stages) in the Scheduled status. If you block a domain after you start a campaign, it will not consider those emails in that campaign. We would request you to remove the recipients from the campaign manually.

Please follow these steps to add domains in your blocklist:

  • Go to Email campaign tab in the web-app and click on the Domain Block icon on the upper-right section of your screen (looks like a globe).

  • Click on Add domain if you want to add a domain.
  • Click on Upload domain list if you need to upload the entire list of domains that you want to add in your block list as shown in the image below:

    Note: The Domain list should be in the form of .CSV

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