How to add or remove a contact in an ongoing email campaign?

After an email campaign is scheduled, users may require to modify the list of contacts in that campaign. This article explains what can be done to modify the mailing list in an email campaign after it's scheduled.

Add a contact to the list or change the uploaded list entirely: 

Once an email campaign is scheduled, you can't add a contact manually. However, you will be able to change the uploaded entirely  provided that the campaign has not yet started sending the emails. Once an email campaign starts sending emails, it's impossible to add contacts or change the uploaded list. 

If that email campaign is in scheduled status and yet to send any emails, you can click the Edit button and then choose a new file to upload in that campaign. It will override the previously uploaded file. 

Remove a contact from an ongoing email campaign:

To remove a contact from an email campaign, you need to open that campaign and then search for that contact and then click the Delete button that is shown next to that email address. Currently, there is no option to multi-select the contacts for removal, so you have to do this for each contact manually. 

Please note that when you remove a contact from an email campaign, that contact is removed from all the stages in that campaign automatically (For example, when you remove a contact in stage 1, it will be automatically removed from stage 2 and further stages if you have a multi-stage campaign)

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