What is a fallback text? How to use it in the email campaign?

The fallback field is used to place a fixed value to a variable (merge tag) when a particular value for the merge tag is missing in the uploaded CSV file. 

If in a CSV file, the value of some First name is missing and we don't want to send a mail with a blank space in place of the first name, then we can use a fallback field to add some value to it.

As we can see in the below image, First Name and Last Name value is missing for some contacts in the uploaded contacts.

If we use these merge tags in the email campaign, the system will send emails with blank variables to those recipients for which the value was missing the CSV file. 

To prevent that, we allow users to define a fallback text for the merge tags to use in case of missing value in the uploaded file. Please refer to the below GIF to understand how to add a fallback value to any merge tag. 

In the above example, when the email is sent, the recipient with no value in the First Name column, will receive an email with 'there' as a fallback text for the First Name merge tag.

So this is how we can make our campaign personalization a step simpler.

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