How to add fallback field in merge tags for email campaigns?

The fallback field is used to place a fixed value to a merge tag if the value for the particular merge tag is missing in the uploaded CSV file. 

For example:
If in a CSV file, the value of some First name is missing and we don't want to send a mail with a blank space in place of the first name, then we can use a fallback field to add some value in it.

Check the below-described points to know how to add a fallback field in merge tags while doing an email campaign:

  • While using a merge tag in an email campaign, add "|(alternate value)" inside the merge tag.
    E.g., You can write the merge tags as {{Firstname|there}}. In this case, if the First name will be missing in any of the contacts, then the mail will be sent with a "There" in place of the first name.
  • As we can see in the below image, the first name in one row is missing.

  • So, we drafted the email using fallout fields, as shown in the image below. We changed the merge tag from {{First Name}} to {{First Name| There}}.

  • The recipient without the first name receives the email with "Hello There" as the subject line.

So this is how we can make our campaign personalization a step simpler.

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