How to insert Merge tags in an email campaign?

Merge tags are the tags that allow you to customize your email campaigns to keep your customers more engaged. Personalized emails can improve your email open rates by up to 26%. These tags are created from the fields that are present in the CSV file that you upload. These tags make your email campaign personalized for each recipient.

Follow the below steps to add Merge tags in your email campaign:

  1. Click on New campaign from web-app >> Email campaign.
  2. Upload your list of recipients as a form of CSV file.
  3. After uploading the CSV file, you can see a set of merge tags beside the compose box. These merge tags are created according to your fields entered in your CSV file. For example, if you have different columns like First Name, Last Name, and Company in your CSV, you will get all those tags as a form of Merge tags.
  4. Click on the edit button beside the merge tags to add a fallback text. Fallback text is the text that will be displayed if no value is available for the merge tag. Check What is Fallback Text?
  5. Draft your email by using the merge tags at appropriate places. You can enter the merge tags by clicking on it.
  6. Add followup stages and other requirements and schedule your campaign.

Check How to send an Email Campaign.

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