Why the email campaign replies not getting updated in the web-app?

Getting the accurate reply count is essential to an email marketer for analyzing the effectiveness of their emails and their productivity. SalesHandy always provides exact numbers and makes your email campaigns more effective day by day.

However, sometimes, the users do not get an updation in reply count even if they receive a reply. These things happen during the following scenarios.

  • SalesHandy might take up to 10 minutes to get updated in the reply count. So it is suggested to wait for some time or refresh the browser. Upon refreshing, you can see the updates instantly.
  • If the recipient has replied to your emails in a different subject line, then SalesHandy won't be able to track that count as a reply. For more information, you can also check Why my email goes to replied recipients, even after choosing "not replied" filter in Email Campaign?
  • If your Saleshandy account is connected via the SMTP method, then it won't be able to track the replies of your email. Google and Outlook users can only access to the reply count in the web-app.

If you still have any issues, feel free to contact our support team at [email protected].

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