Why my email goes to replied recipients, even after choosing "not replied" filter in Email Campaign?

On rare occasions, the followup email will go to the recipients even after the recipient has replied. Here are the three scenarios when this would happen.

1. If the recipient has replied to the senders' mail with a different subject name. 

If this happens, then a new thread will begin. We do not have our tracking pixel in this new thread. That's why our tool would send a follow-up to these recipients.

2. If the recipient replies to the primary email after receiving the first follow-up email.

3. If the recipient has replied to the email within 15 minutes of the time of the next scheduled follow-up. 

We create our mailing list and keep it ready to go fifteen minutes prior to the scheduled time. So in this case, your recipient will receive a follow-up email.

4. If the recipient's reply moves to your Spam box.

If the recipient has replied and the reply has been received in your Spam box, SalesHandy won't be able to track those replies. This stops SalesHandy from updating your read count.

Other than these four scenarios, all the recipients will be tracked completely and receive their follow-up emails. Also, as mentioned earlier, this is a once in a blue moon scenario and the odds of this happening with your emails are too low.

Also, in any of these above-mentioned scenarios, you can remove that recipient from your mailing list. That will solve the problem.

For any other help, contact [email protected], we are always here to help.
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