How to add CC and BCC in individual emails and email campaigns?

Sharing the emails or getting your team members in the email loop is a daily job of any email user. With SalesHandy we can add our the email address of our team members for once and thereafter they will receive all the emails automatically. Follow the steps to add the default CC and BCC fields in your SalesHandy account.

  • Login to your SalesHandy web-app and click on My Profile.
  • In the General preferences part, you will see the text area for CC and BCC.
  • Add your CC and BCC email ids in the respective columns, and they will get auto-saved in your SalesHandy account.

Refer to the gif below for a better understanding.

For adding CC and BCC fields in your SalesHandy campaign, follow the below steps.

You can also add your CRM Id in the BCC section to get your CRM auto-updated. To know more, please check How do I connect/integrate my CRM with SalesHandy account? 

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