Why my template shortcuts are not working?

Saleshandy keeps on making its templates experience better every day for increasing its user's email productivity and ease of access. To know more about email templates shortcuts, check How to use Email templates.

If you are facing specific issues with email template shortcuts and they are not working correctly, please check the following scenarios:

1. Template Saved Recently.

If you have saved a template recently, and then you search for the template using the template shortcuts, then it might not function properly. SalesHandy takes some time to reload the templates. In this case, you can refresh the browser, and your template shortcuts will work properly.

2. Using Multiple SalesHandy accounts.

If you are using multiple SalesHandy accounts and you have opened multiple tabs in your browser, please recheck for the email template details. You will get the particular template in the individual SalesHandy account in which you have built it.

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