How to use Email template shortcuts in Gmail?

SalesHandy allows you to use shortcuts for templates within your Gmail compose box. It increases your accessibility and saves your time.

Here are the steps to create an email template shortcut:

  • Go to SalesHandy web-app >> Templates.
  • Click on New Template or click on the edit button beside your existing template.
  • For new templates, enter a subject line and draft your email.
  • Enter a shortcut keyword in the text area beside the subject line.
  • Click Create (New Templates) or Save (Existing Templates).

  • Open your Gmail compose box.
  • Enter the shortcut keyword in the email body area.
  • Press TAB and you will get the whole template in your compose box.

  • You can also click CTRL+Space to access all your templates in Gmail account itself.
  • ARROW (⬆⬇⬅➙) keys will help you navigate through your templates.

Refer the gif below for more detailed understanding.

  • You can also create or save a template by using the options provided in the template menu from your Gmail compose box.

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