Why did my campaign got paused?

Sometimes we see, that we have scheduled a campaign and after sometimes it gets paused. There's nothing to worry about it. The campaign usually gets paused due to any of the following reasons:

1. Too Many Emails are getting bounced:

If your email starts to get bounced during the campaign, then SalesHandy will automatically pause the campaign. This is done by SalesHandy to protect your domain reputation and email deliverability score. It is always suggested to verify your recipient's list before scheduling a campaign.

2. If you have reached the Email Sending limits of your Email Service provider: 

If you exceeded the email sending limit of your Email Service provider, then your campaign goes to the paused stage. You can resume your email campaign after one day.

3. Your email account might have got disconnected from SalesHandy:

If your email account gets disconnected from SalesHandy due to any reason, then the campaign will get paused. Try reconnecting your email account under Settings >> Email Accounts

If you still get an issue with email campaigns, feel free to contact our support team at support@saleshandy.com.

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