Why did my campaign get paused?

Sometimes, SalesHandy has to pause your email campaigns due to several reasons. While a paused campaign can easily be resumed, below are the reasons why an email campaign is usually paused by SalesHandy. 

1. Too many emails are getting bounced.

If a particular email campaign receives too many bounced emails or multiple emails are bounced consecutively, that email campaign might be paused by SalesHandy. 

Each bounced email affects your sender reputation therefore SalesHandy auto-pauses the email campaign when it gets bounced emails in a significant number. This is done as a precautionary measure so users can take adequate steps to prevent further bounces.

Also, the emails are sent through the servers of your own email service providers, and therefore to avoid getting your sender reputation and domain reputation affected due to high bounces along with preventing your email account from getting blocked by your email service provider due to high bounce/blocks, our system is designed such that it pauses the campaign when it observes multiple bounces.

2. Your email account has reached the sending limits provided by your email service provider (Mostly happens when you're using a Gmail account). 

While you're allowed to send emails as per the SalesHandy plan you're on, your emails are sent through the servers of your own email service providers so your email account may get restricted by your email provider when it exceeds sending limit set by the email provider. Usually, this happens when you're using a Gmail account to send email campaigns as Gmail has a strict policy about using its emails for bulk-sending.

3. Your email account gets disconnected from SalesHandy.

Sometimes, the connection of your email account expires in your account and therefore the system doesn't find any sending method to keep sending the emails through the campaign and it results in the campaign gets paused. 

If your email campaign is paused due to a disconnected email account, you can follow the steps as per this article to reconnect the email account. Once the email account is reconnected, the campaign can be resumed.

Regardless of the reason behind the campaign paused, you should be able to resume the paused campaign manually as shown below: 

If you still have an issue with your email campaigns, feel free to contact our support team at [email protected] or schedule a call with us by clicking here.

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