Why should we use a Custom domain for tracking?

What is custom domain tracking in SalesHandy?

When you add any links in emails of your email campaigns, SalesHandy embeds the tracking domain to track any clicks to your links. The rewritten links will briefly direct the user through our system so the clicks can be registered. The domain that we use to rewrite the links is what we call a Tracking domain. While we do have a default tracking domain that we can use to rewrite your links, we offer the ability to white label the tracking domain with your own domain so that you can use your own domain to track links instead of using SalesHandy's.

Why is setting up a custom tracking domain important?

Check out the key benefits of Custom Link below:

Better Email deliverability:

Setting up a custom tracking domain is one of the easiest ways to improve your email deliverability for email campaigns. It helps your domain to establish its own reputation with email receivers, not associated with the SalesHandy as a whole. This makes your domain authentic and increases your email deliverability.

Won’t be trapped as a Spammer due to the standard URL:

Custom domain helps you in providing you with your own domain name. This makes your recipient believe that you are an authentic sender and the email content is also authorized.

Your recipients won’t know that you track them with SalesHandy:

Moreover, the visible component of the text in the email links will be branded with your domain name instead of SalesHandy's domain name, which will make your recipients much more confident in clicking links in your email as they will be able to see that links belong to your domain.

Click on How to set up a Custom Domain tracking for adding a custom tracking domain in your SalesHandy account.

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