How to buy and use Email verification credits?

We must send all our emails to verified recipients for maintaining a high sender reputation rate and low spam flagging rate. So, it is essential to check our email list before sending our emails. To know more about Email list verification, please refer to Why should I verify my email list?

Email Verification Credits are virtual credits provided by a third party through SalesHandy. We can use these credits to verify our email list and protect our account.

How to purchase Email Verification credits:

  • Login to your SalesHandy web-app and click on Settings >> Billing.
  • Click on Email Verification Credits, as shown in the snapshot below.

  • Click on Purchase Credits and choose your plan.
    • 1000 credits for $3.
    • 5000 credits for $14.
    • 10000 credits for $20.
  • Click Buy and complete the payment process.

  • Your total number of Email Verification credits will be displayed the Billing page itself.

How to use Email Verification credits:

  • Login to your SalesHandy web-app and click on Email Campaigns.
  • Click on New campaign.
  • Upload your contact list as a form of CSV file as shown in the snapshot below.
  • You will receive a pop-up to verify your email list. Check the terms and click Start.

  • Your email list gets verified and segregates into three types:
    • Valid
    • Risky
    • Bad

Check "What are Deliverable, Non-Deliverable, risky, and Unknown contacts?", to learn more about the kind of contacts.

Want to complete your Email Campaign, Check How to send a test email from a campaign?


  • Email Verification credits are non refundable.
  • You can save your verified list after completion of your Email verification.
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