How to send feedback or report a problem in Outlook?

SalesHandy believes in customer happiness, and we improve our services day by day to increase our user's email productivity. In case you face any issues with our SalesHandy Outlook plugin, please report a problem to us and we will help you with the highest priority.

Now, let's learn how to report a problem in Outlook:

  • Click on SH logo in outlook.

  • Click on the Report a problem.

  • It will open the compose window with the error logs as an attachment. The error logs help us to identify the issues and solve them immediately.
  • We need to answer some of the basic questions regarding our problem for a better solution:
    1. Describe the issue which you are facing.
    2. When did you face the issue last time?
    3. The issue is persistent, and are you able to reproduce?
    4. Attach a screenshot if you have any.
    5. If you are not facing the issue of login, then please verify Track Mail should be on.
  • Hit on the Send button and the Support team will solve our problems.
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