How to contact SalesHandy team?

At SalesHandy, we try our best to offer prompt support to all of our users and users can contact us via email or through web-conference meetings:

1) Live chat Support: Our email support remains online around 17 hours a day from Monday to Saturday (Exact business hours are mentioned at the bottom corresponding to different time zones). A user simply needs to reach out to us via live chat and we usually send the first response within 5-10 minutes unless the user is reaching out to us outside the 17-hour window. 

If you're using our Outlook plugin, you can reach out to us by choosing Report a problem option under the SalesHandy icon in Outlook as shown below:

2) Connect through web-conference: Apart from contacting us over email, users can reach get connected with us over web meetings as well. There would be 4 types of calls that users can schedule as per the scenario. As soon as you schedule a meeting with us, a calendar invitation will be added to your email and you're requested to join us at the scheduled time by clicking the zoom meeting URL that you see in the calendar event.

  • Support Call: Users are requested to schedule a support call when they're facing any issues with their SalesHandy account or they are unable to set something up in their account.
  • 1:1 Success Call:  Users are requested to schedule a 1:1 User Success call when they're facing low open rates/deliverability issues with their emails or they need to get their domain audit done.
  • Product Demo: Users are requested to schedule a product demo when they want to learn more about the product and are seeking product training to understand how our tool/its features work.
  • Custom Pricing Call: Users are requested to schedule a custom pricing call when they want to purchase a subscription for more than 5 users and are expecting better pricing for them.

We are available 17 hours a day, from Monday to Saturday as per below mentioned hours:

  • 11:30 PM to 05:00 PM as per Eastern Standard Time.
  • 05:30 AM to 10:00 PM as per British Summar Time.
  • 10:00 AM to 2:30 AM as per Indian Standard Time.
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