Who can see reporting for teams?

Only the Team Admin has visibility into the reporting for a team. Members of a team that is not leaders of the team will not see any reporting options on the 'Report Section' of our web app.

Admin / Manager will find all activities of every member in activity page/dashboard. Moreover using filter options admin can filter activities as well as a team member to check the individual’s performance. An Admin / Manager can see the email contents of child members added under his profile in SalesHandy.

On every week-end manager receives an email saying that this particular team member sent # of emails and out of # email, total # emails are opened and overall opening rate comes to #%.

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Hi Dhruv,

Your team's email performance report for the week.
1st of October 2016 to 7th of October 2016.

Team's Email Usage Report
Below mentioned is the team's email report for emails sent this week.

Team Member Email Sent Opened Opening Rate  
Arpan Shah 150 70 46.66%
Piyush Patel 342 320 93.56%
Dhruv Patel 267 234 87.64%

Team's Report For Email Usage Via Mail Merge Campaign.
Below mentioned are the team's email report of email campaign sent this week.

Team Member Emails Sent Opened Opening Rate  
Arpan Shah 4365 3253 74.52%
Piyush Patel 635 543 85.51%
Dhruv Patel 6534 2530 38.72%


If you have any questions or concerns regarding the visibility of reports, please submit a ticket at help.saleshandy.com