What should I do in case of account not found ?

After installing SalesHandy Chrome extension, if the red box is visible with the text "Account Not Found" like below screenshot, follow below steps:

account not found

Case 1:
If you have already signed up with SalesHandy - Verify whether you have logged into same Gmail account. i.e. both registered
SalesHandy ID & Gmail Account should be same. On hovering over the red button, you will get info about which account SalesHandy is trying to get activated.

Make sure you have logged in with same email id as registered one. SalesHandy will activate on the account found in below image by default. So in case you have registered with any other email, it will show as account not found.

Case 2:
If you are yet to sign-up at SalesHandy - Click on "Account Not found" Button. To SignUp On SalesHandy.