What are SaleHandy Email Templates and how do I create email templates in SalesHandy ?

SalesHandy empowers users to design custom email templates that save you time by removing redundancy when sending regular emails. 

The SalesHandy email templates can be easily created directly from Gmail compose mail window. Below is step-by- step guide for creating templates:-
1. Click on "Templates."
2. Click "Creat/Edit" button on the top right corner of the pop-up window.
3. After clicking, you will be redirected to Templates Page on the SalesHandy Website
4. You can see the list of default templates available on SalesHandy. Now, click on "Create Template" button visible above the list.
5. Fill in Title, Subject, and Content as per your requirement and click on "Create".
           Title: - Assign unique title for your understanding.
           Subject:- 'Subject' for your email.
           Content: - Body of your mail that you desire to use frequently
6. Hit "Create", and the new template as per your formatting is ready to used at your disposal.

Now this template will be visible in the window that pops up on clicking 'Template' in compose window.