[Guide] Creating Auto Followup Campaign

After creating the account with SalesHandy, select the Followup Campaign in Email option on the menu panel. Click on Add New Followup to create and setup new campaign.

  • Title: - Enter the Title for your Followup Campaign.
    • E.x. Setting up a Followup Campaign for pitching potential client in March, you can title as "March: Converting Potential Clients."
  • Status: - It displays the progress of campaign i.e.  which stage it is in i.e New, Draft, Queue, In Progress, Waiting and Halt, and Finish. e.g.  if I am creating a campaign, it will show “New.” 
  • Campaign Recipient: -  It requires the user to upload the CSV file containing Email address column and Merge Tags that you wish to use in the message of your campaign. For more details relating to CSV file click here. 
  • Compose Message: - In Follow-up campaign you can use SalesHandy Templates and also can edit the message in the text editor. You can place the Merge Tags to use data from the CSV file uploaded in the previous step. Images can also be attached to the email via a link. Below the text editor, you can create a follow-up up to 10 Stages to engage and be connected with your prospects.  

Lastly, at the bottom of the page, you can choose either of Save and Schedule or Save as Draft.

For more information visit our blog, please contact our helpdesk or schedule a demo with us.