How to save excel file with UTF-8 ?

  • Why should I encode an excel file in UTF-8?

There are different ways that programs encode their files, and depending on their encoding you can see different results while uploading them to online software.

Encoding your excel files into a UTF-8 format can help to make sure the list you import into SalesHandy can be read and displayed accurately.

  • How to Encode your Excel Files?

To save excel your file with UTF - 8 encoding: -

  1. Click on File and  Choose 'Save As' and choose the format of the Excel file you'd like to use

  2. Name your file, and update your file path as needed

  3. Click on Tools, and choose 'Web options'

  4. Go to 'Encoding' tab

  5. In the dropdown for 'Save this document as:' choose 'Unicode (UTF-8)'

  6. Click Ok

  7. Click Save