How to install & use the gmail plugin to track emails?

SalesHandy plugin is very easy to Install. It can be installed on your Chrome Browser as an extension.

Follow these steps:

Step 1: You can find the SalesHandy plugin in Chrome Store over here.

Step 2: Click "ADD TO CHROME" to add the plugin to your browser.

Step 3: Open your Gmail account. The plugin will be automatically loaded. Please note that your SalesHandy account address should be the same as your Gmail account address.

Step 4: If you see a red box saying "ACCOUNT NOT FOUND," it indicates that you don't have a SalesHandy account with your Gmail address. Create your SalesHandy account by clicking here.

Step 5: Start Tracking your email by checking the tick box in the Gmail compose box. A green tick indicates that you have email tracking feature on.

Step 6: The email opening notification will be shown on the SalesHandy Activity Board, and you will also get a desktop notification of any newly registered activities. 

Step 7: You can see the list of your tracked emails in the Email section on SalesHandy App.

What? Don't tell you're still confused! Watch this video to understand each step carefully. Thank me later ;)