How to insert image in mail merge campaign, email template or email body? How to create image permalink?

In order to insert image to mail merge campaign, template or SalesHandy profile, you need to have a direct link to an image which can be inserted in the text editor.

If you don't have the image link to the file, then you can upload it to google drive & then generate the direct permalink to the image using

 Step 1: Upload the image to your personal google drive & hit the sharing option as shown below. (Click the image to zoom.)

Click to Zoom

► Step 2: Share the image so that it becomes accessible to anyone on the internet. Select the options "anyone on the internet can find and view".

Once sharing option's are changed copy the given link.

► Step 3: Open and paste the copied link in the box. And hit create permalink button.

► Step 4: Now copy the URL generated by simply hitting the right mouse button on "Example: LINK" as shown in the below screenshot.

► Step 5: To attach Image to your Campaign, click “Insert Image” from the Formatting option available at the top of the text editor.

Now add the source link from where you are importing an image and below that enter the Description to display in case your image doesn’t load.

Please refer screenshot for your reference.