Mail Merge with Auto Follow-Up

  1. [Guide] Creating Auto Followup Campaign
  2. I got mail merge campaign error email 'Campaign Paused'. How do I fix it?
  3. How do I create CSV in Excel to use with Auto Followup Campaign ?
  4. How to save excel file with UTF-8 ?
  5. How many columns I can insert in my Auto FollowUp Campaign ?
  6. How to import contacts from other campaign ?
  7. What is Mail Merge Campaign Status ?
  8. Do Auto Follow Up supports Special characters and multiple Languages in campaign data ?
  9. What are Sending Methods?
  10. What is Sending as Reply ?
  11. Why SalesHandy recommends Intervals between sending mails ?
  12. How do I schedule Auto FollowUp ?
  13. Why SalesHandy has Cc and Bcc fields ?
  14. How to add Footnote - Signature to your Campaign ?
  15. How can I attach images in Saleshandy text editor ?
  16. What are various Stages of Campaign ?
  17. How many days into the future can I schedule subsequent stages to be sent?
  18. How many stages can I add to Auto FollowUp mail merge campaign?
  19. How to export report from mail merge campaign?
  20. How to remove recipients from mail merge campaign?
  21. What should I do if email goes to spam or getting low deliverability ratio?
  22. When does a campaign's queue shuffle happen?
  23. When will a campaign be moved to waiting status?
  24. When will a campaign be shifted to auto-paused status by the system?
  25. How to insert unsubscribe link in Mail Merge Campaign?
  26. Can I Edit Campaign after it is Scheduled ?
  27. Why does SalesHandy limit the number of Mail Merge/Campaign?
  28. How to use the CSV file on Mac?
  29. Avoiding spam filters when using link tracking
  30. [Updates] Changes to Sending Methods