SalesHandy limits the number of recipients per mail-merge to 200.

Here's why: SalesHandy sends emails directly through Gmail, and Gmail limits the number of emails a user can send at once. The reason behind limiting the emails is to prevent users from landing out in spam box of the recipient. If the user sends excessive messages too quickly, Gmail may temporarily lock the user out of their account — and we want to protect you from this! So we send your emails at some interval apart to make sure your emails don't land in spam; also we impose a limit of 200 recipients per mail-merge for the same.

Under Plus Plan, your account quota replenishes every 3 hours to provide you greater sending limits and assuring your account out of trouble.

To learn more, read about the Google Apps email sending limits. Bear in mind that the rate of sending is just as important as the number of messages sent per day.
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