Status indicates the state of your campaign and ongoing activity. Below are the definitions to each and every status. 

New: When you are creating the new campaign.
Draft: It shows you haven’t scheduled your campaign. You have saved your campaign to edit it later.
Scheduled: Campaign is scheduled and waiting to be triggered.
Queued: Queue shows that SalesHandy server is preparing your campaign. Status is updated from "Scheduled" to "Queued" before 15 minutes of the scheduled time.
In Progress: SalesHandy is sending emails to recipient list you uploaded.
Paused: Pause implies that you have deliberately suspended your campaign.
Waiting: Waiting implies that your outgoing email quota is exhausted.
Halted: At few times your status campaign will be stopped while preparing your queue or sendings emails. It will require users action to resume campaign. Here are the reasons for your campaign being halted: 1.) Changes in SMTP credentials i.e. you would have change your password and have not updated the same on SalesHandy. 2.) Connection with Gmail might be revoked.
Finished: Campaign is completed.

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