Stages are the number of Email Messages composed that you scheduled and are in the Queue waiting for the particular event(condition) to trigger them. Maximum Follow up in your campaign are restricted up to 10 Stages.

_ Let’s say,_ you are Business Development Executive, and you have to communicate with your potential clients regarding the new promotional offer. So you can create an Auto-Followup Campaign and schedule various stages so that you can engage with all your probable customers.

 - In Stage 1,you can create personalized message containing an offer for the prospects addressing them collectively at one go.

Say you are sending the different offers to different groups of customers. You can do that is create CSV with all the detail of the customer in their unique record and use Merge Tags(placeholders) in your email body to compose personalized mail having the special offer for that class of clients.

 - Now is the Stage where Followup Campaign comes handy.  You can add Stage 2 for specifically targeting those who has NOT REPLIED (or NOT OPENED or ALL)to your first mail. Stage 2 can be scheduled between 1 to 31 days from your Stage 1.

Under Stage 2, you can schedule the reminder email to those who has missed your first mail.

And so on you can schedule up to 10 Stages to ensure reaching out to all your customers.
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