Email sending limit is the limit that your email service provider provides you to send specific number of emails per day.

You have to know this. Especially if you do email outreach. Each host has its own email sending limits. The limits may be daily, hourly, and sometimes also per minute. If you’re sending cold email campaigns without being aware of your email provider’s limits, your email account may get blocked before you know it. Here, you will find information about sending limits of popular email service providers including Gmail, Office 365, GoDaddy and more.

If you’re sending your cold emails using tools like SalesHandy, which send the emails from your own mailbox (your own SMTP), the limits of your email service provider are the ones to keep an eye on when setting up your cold email campaigns.

SalesHandy allows you to send 2000 emails per day with one account. 

If you know the limits, and set up your delivery time and the number of emails sent daily per campaign according to those limits, your campaigns will be smoothly sent as planned – provided that you’re not sending poor quality content without any personalization whatsoever. If you’re sending spam or anything that is considered spam by your recipients, you will get blocked anyway and probably sooner than you reach your daily sending limit. Remember: the deliverability of your emails is also crucial if you want to avoid being blocked.
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