Here are the steps to invite a team member to SalesHandy:

Step 1:

Login to SalesHandy.

Step 2:

Click on "Members and Teams" in left menu bar. As show in the below screenshot.

Step 3:

Click "Invite Member" button.

Note: It will allow you to add only if you have extra seat purchased, if not then it will ask you to buy seat.

Step 4:

Add the email addresses you want to invite in the dialogue box. Hit enter between each email address you want to invite. Lastly hit the "Invite" button to proceed.

Step 5:

An invitation mail will be sent to the invited member.


If your teammate is already using SalesHandy & you want to add him under your account you can simply follow the below step:

>> Send an email from your (admin's) registered SalesHandy email address to with below mentioned content.

Please add {{Team member's registered SalesHandy email address}} account under my i.e {{Admin's registered SalesHandy email address}} account.

 >> Send an email from team member's registered SalesHandy email address (whom you want to add to your team) to with below mentioned content.

Please allow admin, who's email address is: {{admin's registered SalesHandy email address}} to add my SalesHandy account: {{teammember's registered SalesHandy email address}} under his account.
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