The reputation of Domain links plays an important role in email deliverability, whether your email will go into your recipient's spam box or inbox. This feature lets user setup custom domain with SalesHandy.

Custom domain links can be used for:

Unsubscribe link: for users who wish to opt-out from email campaign
Email Open tracking
Link Click tracking: for the links in your emails
Link your tracking domain ex. with SalesHandy app.

The user can track opens and clicks with his own custom tracking domain to improve email deliverability.

Why should you setup up a custom tracking domain?
It allows your domain to establish its own reputation with email receivers. Using custom tracking domain, you can isolate yourself and ensure higher deliverability. Additionally, your emails will be more branded around your organization, not the email service provider or SalesHandy.

How to Create a tracking sub-domain and set up a CNAME DNS record
To edit your domain DNS (domain name service) records, you'll need administrator access. The process of editing DNS records is different from web host to web host, but the basic steps are this:

Create a new DNS record (example:

Note: You can name anything as your tracking sub-domain.

For example:, or etc.

Choose CNAME as the type of record

Open your domain's settings panel, and add new CNAME record (which is SalesHandy's mapping/tracking domain that you need to plug into value box) for the subdomain that you will use for tracking.

If you are going to be using separate domains for each tracker, you will need to add a CNAME record for each (three total).

Here are a few general links for different web hosts:

Google : On this link google lists variety of providers (just remember to use instead of whatever they specify in their help pages).
Note: It takes some time for the DNS (Domain Name System) to update the settings for your domain.

DNS may take longer to update your settings. The waiting time varies from a few minutes up to 72 hours (in extreme cases).
How to setup custom domain in your SalesHandy profile.
Go to your SalesHandy account Settings > Custom domain > New

Enter your custom domain for Email Open, Link Click, Unsubscribe events.

Click on Test button to check the domain is working.
Note: If tracking address doesn't recognize by the SalesHandy, Then it means the DNS didn't yet updated, to include your domain's new settings. Please wait for an hour more and then try again.
If the DNS is working, then you will get the success notification. Then click on Save button to save the custom tracking domains.
Once you save the custom tracking domain in the Settings > Custom Domain section. Then you need to go your Settings > Email Accounts page and there you need to link your saved custom tracking domain with your email account.
There click on particular email account > Edit and there you will find Custom Domain tracking drop down. In that you need to select the respective domain for the email account.
Then Click on Test & Save.

From there onward all the emails sent using SalesHandy will use your own brand's custom tracking domain. Which means more credibility to your emails & more email delivery ratio.
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