Follow the below mentioned steps to create a CSV file.

Open MS Excel or any other spreadsheet application (Google SpreadSheet, LibreOffice)
The first row of your sheet will be the Merge Tags i.e., First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Location, Company Etc. It will define the name of the placeholder in your email template when creating an auto campaign in the mail merge. CSV file must contain Email Field having the email address for your contact. Maximum 20 columns can be imported into SalesHandy  i.e. you can have up to 20 placeholders for your campaign.
In the subsequent rows(below top row), you can enter the data for your Mail Merge Campaign.

IMPORTANT : Make sure you have named the column containing email address of the recipient as any of the below given option:
email address, email, emails, emailaddress, e-mail, email-addressSave the file with .csv extension( File > Save As > Save as type: CSV File )**

You can download the Sample CSV file from here >> **Sample CSV File**
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