Want to get your email link click notification from the campaign directly to your Slack? Here is the guide:

Step 1 – Configure Webhook Integration.
Follow below steps for creating & Integrating webhook in Zapier.

Make A Zap
Create Webhook Trigger
Configure Webhook Trigger
Webhook URL
Finally, Zapier will provide you a Webhook URL. The created Webhook will be used in the next steps.

Step 2 - Connect the Webhook to SalesHandy
Navigate to SalesHandy Webhooks page
Create a New Webhook
Select module Mail merge campaign and select event Email Link Click. Then Click Test & Save.
Paste the created webhook URL
The final step is to test your Webhook in Zapier to ensure it’s properly connected. Hit the OK, I did this button to test.
Step 3 – Configure Your Zapier Action
Now it's time to create an action for the Zap. Select the Continue button to begin configuring your Action.
From the Choose an Action App screen, search & select Slack.
Choose Send Channel Message from the options. Then click the Continue button.
Zapier will now ask you to connect or choose your specific Slack account.
Connecting a Slack account for the first time, a new window will prompt up. You need click on Authorize button to authorize the connection.
Once connected, that window will close and you’ll be returned to your Action setup. You’ll see your new Slack account available to select now. Once you select the account, click Test to test the connection & click on Continue.
Set the required fields to Set up Slack Channel Message. & click on Continue button. (For example: Link clicked, Who clicked link, From campaign, Stage, Email Subject, Click Count, Sent from)

Click on Send Test to Slack to test the connection. If the test is successful, You will see once sample person (Contact) created in your Slack account.

Then click on Finish button & Make your Zap live. You will see the message "Awesome! Your Zap is working."

Voila! you are all set. If you find any difficulties or need any help reach us at support@saleshandy.com
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