How to Add, Remove or Swap an Email Account in your Saleshandy Account?

SalesHandy allows its users to add multiple Email Ids to a single Saleshandy account, to improve the email productivity and making campaigns from multiple email accounts

Follow the steps to add a new Email account in your existing SalesHandy Account:

  1. Go to Settings >> Email Accounts in the web app or Click here.
  2. Click on Connect New Account in the upper right side of your screen.
  3. You need to purchase a seat in your SalesHandy Account to add an Email Account.
  4. If already purchased, choose between Gmail, Outlook or SMTP.
  5. Fill in your Login credentials and your Email Account is all set.

Follow the steps to remove an existing Email account from your Saleshandy account:

  1. Go to Settings >> Email Accounts in the web app or Click here.
  2. Hover your cursor over the desired email account and click on the delete icon present in the extreme right of the user's row.
  3. Confirm your Delete request by clicking on Delete Button.

Saleshandy also allows your swap a new email account over an existing email account.

For swapping an Email account to your existing seat contact our support center at live chat

For adding new members to your team, with different Saleshandy Account, please go through How to Add, Remove or Swap an Account in your Saleshandy Team?

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