How many email accounts I get per user account?

User will get 1 email account per 1 user account for free. To add more email addresses as the sending method one needs to buy additional email account seats. You can buy as many email accounts you need to.

What is the pricing for additional Email Accounts?

The pricing of the addition email account will be the same as the pricing of the primary user account. 

For example: If a user has subscribed to PLUS MONTHLY PLAN (i.e. $27), the additional amount for each additional email account ($27) will be the same as the primary account subscription. 

How to buy additional Email Accounts?

To buy additional email account go to: 

  • Billing from the left sidebar menu of your web-app.

  • Click on Add Email Account Seat beside Email Accounts section and a pop-up will prompt as shown below:

In the screenshot above, the user has the active subscription of Enterprise Plan and he has the next billing date as 3rd day of next month. Consider today is the 8th day of the current month. Hence, the payable amount comes to $41.94 after pro-rata based calculation.

Note: If you have signed up using " Signing with Google" button, the email address from which you have signed up will be your default sending method as well as a default email account for that particular user account. This cannot be changed later on. If you want to change or add more email account as a sending method, you need to buy an additional email account on SalesHandy.

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