How to enable SalesHandy's Outlook plugin?

Sometimes, Outlook may disable SalesHandy's plugin. In this case, please follow these steps to enable the plugin.

There are three ways to enable the plugin.

1) Via Info

1.Click on File >> Info >> and select "Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins".

2. Enable SalesHandy for Outlook.

2) Via Add-ins:

1. Click on the "File" tab in your navigation 

2. And then click on the " Add-ins" option.

3. Try scrolling down in your add-ins list and see if SalesHandy Outlook plugin might appear in any of the inactive or disabled list.

4. Under " Manage", click on the drop-down and select "Disabled Items", and then click "Go".

5. Select SalesHandy Outlook plugin from the list of disabled add-ins (if it's there) and click " Enable".

Then restart the outlook and wait for few seconds. It will work for you.

3) via Developer options.

1. Click on File.

2.Click on  Options  >>  Customize Ribbon >> Check mark on Developer >> Click Ok

3. Now the Developer option is added to your Outlook Menu bar.

  • Click on Developer  >> COM Add-Ins  >> Check mark on SalesHandy >> click on OK button.

Refer below screenshot. 

Now, the plugin will be enabled and you will see the SalesHandy icons on the Home tab. 

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