How to install Outlook plugin/add-in?

Steps to install SalesHandy's Outlook plugin:

Download our outlook plugin from here.

In order to install it, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the file and click on the 'More info' when if you see this pop-up shown below. (If you don't see it, move to step 3)

Step 2: Click on the "Run anyway" button

Step 3: Click next after reading the next 3 windows one after another.

Step 4: Once the installation is successful, open your outlook and you will see the screen to log in into your account.

Step 5: After you successfully login, you will see the pop-up by SalesHandy.

That is it. You will be able to see these icons in the screen below on your outlook.

Note - Please note that currently, we have Outlook plugin available only for Windows users and not for Mac users. We are working towards bringing out the plugin for Mac-based Outlook plugin and it shall be released in the near future.
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