How to create individual email sequence template for Gmail?

Using SalesHandy's single email sequence feature, you can create customized email sequence for the single recipient.

Follow these steps to create a single email sequence template from SalesHandy web app.

  1. Log into your SalesHandy account from web-app and click on 'Email sequence' tab. 

  2. Click on New Sequence

  3. There you can draft up to 10 follow up stages in a single sequence and you can set the specific time and date to send the follow-up email.
  4. Once you are done with drafting follow up emails, you need to save that sequence template by clicking on SAVE SEQUENCE TEMPLATE button. 

  5. After saving the template, go to your Gmail compose box and write your first email and hit the email sequence button in your compose box 
  6. Select the relevant email sequence template from the list. 

  7. Once you are done with selecting the email sequence template, the button will turn Blue.

  8. Hit the send button to send your first email immediately and the follow-up emails as per your sequence schedule.
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