How does template performance work?

There are four parameters considered with each template:

  1. Usage (U): Number of times the template has been used in the emails.
  2. Open(O): Number of times the email has been opened.
  3. Performance(P): The ratio of Usage and Open.

When you create a template, all the above parameters are zero.

Here is how the performance metrics work:

  • Create template (U: 0, O: 0, P: 0, L: NA)
  • Send Email 1 with the template(U: 1, O: 0, P: 0)
  • Send Email 2 with the template on 2 May (U: 2, O: 0, P: 0)
  • Email1 was opened (U: 2, O: 1, P: 50%)
  • Email1 was opened (U: 2, O: 1, P: 50%)
  • Email2 was opened (U: 2, O: 2, P: 100%)
  • Send Email 3 with the template (U: 3, O: 2, P: 67)
  • Email2 was opened (U: 3, O: 2, P: 67%)
  • Email1 was opened (U: 3, O: 2, P: 67%)
  • Email3 was opened (U: 3, O: 3, P: 100%)

The template performance is visible to the user separately for individual emails and campaign emails as shown in the image below.


  • The Usage of scheduled emails will get updated when the email is actually sent.
  • The Usage of drafted emails will not get updated at all.
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