Do I get notified if my email is forwarded by recipient?

Currently, we don't offer forwarding tracking which means you don't get notified when a recipient forwards your email to someone else. However, as SalesHandy inserts tracking pixels in your emails to track them, these pixels are triggered whenever an email is opened regardless of who is opening the email. Hence, if an email is forwarded to someone else and that person opens the email, it does trigger the open tracking but it's counted against the original recipient so you get notified saying the initial recipient has opened the email even if that email is opened by the person to whom the email was forwarded. 

If an email is forwarded to so many recipients, the open counts or link click number may be very high for that particular email. 

Let's understand how email tracking works in case of email forwarding by the below-mentioned hypothetical example:

You send an email to person A using SalesHandy. Person A opens your email once and then forwards your email to person B and person C. Person B and person C both open your email once. You get a total of three opens for this email and you will get notified saying "Person A" has opened this email 3 times. 

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