Does SalesHandy provide document tracking?

While SalesHandy had been providing document tracking in which users could upload document files in their SalesHandy account to track recipients' visits and the total number of downloads in the past, we discontinued it to new users after June 2020.  Therefore any SalesHandy account that is created after June 2020 will not be able to access the document tracking feature. 

However, as an alternative, you can upload the document to GoogleDrive, Onedrive, or any other document-sharing site you are comfortable with and get the link. You can put the link in your emails. You can paste the direct link or you can put them as a hyperlink in the emails.

The link tracking is accurate and works always so if anybody clicks on the link, it will get registered in the SalesHandy dashboard. 

NOTE: Old SalesHandy users who created their account before June 2020 may have access to the document tracking feature. Currently, we have no plans to discontinue this service to old users but we may discontinue it for them as well in the future if needed.

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