How does double tick feature work when your email gets open?

Here are three variants of the check-mark icon that you will see in your inbox.

  • Grey double tick denotes that recipient has not yet received that email.
  • Single blue tick with a grey tick denotes that the recipient has received but not yet opened the email.
  • Blue double tick denotes that the recipient has opened the email.

You will also get to see other information like the number of times an email was opened, link-clicks, etc by hovering over the double check-mark icon corresponding to the email same as shown in the below screenshots.

Refer to the GIF below to understand this process practically: 

Note - This feature will only work if you have sent an email from your Gmail client directly with our Chrome plugin activated. It will not work for the emails you send through our email campaign feature. You will still get all the data but not in the blue tick format.
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